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Laura Londt
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What we think we should be doing and what we actually need for the physiology of our skin are sometimes quite different. I will guide you to find the right balance, assessing your skin thoroughly before I recommend any products or procedures.

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From the moment I greet you, I create a calm and peaceful space where you can rest and restore your energy flow.

I understand that every client is different and that touch reveals more than the eye can see. I assess your needs and tailor my treatments accordingly, using a variety of gentle cleansing and massage techniques and my own range of carefully curated skin care products.



I consider the face, body and mind together as the care of our skin must also come from within.


Skin care products and treatments are but a part of what our skin needs to be healthy and glowing. Good nutrition, hydration, exercise, rest and stress management are just as important.

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I was destined to treat faces.


As a small girl, my aunts would get my full makeover treatment. They would fall asleep while I massaged their faces with Ponds cold cream and Oil of Olay, and I enjoyed letting them rest. I did ballet from the age of four and cold cream was the way the older dancers took off their makeup after the shows. I watched and learned. I would finish with applying rouged cheeks and blue eyeshadow from my aunts’ limited 80’s make-up collection.


This early experience led me to The London College of Fashion to study beauty therapy for two years. Our dermatology teacher, Dr Jacques Lim, was a legend. We would tell him all about our practical facial treatment lessons and what we could achieve with skincare products. He used to shout, “poppycock, rubbish – all you need is petroleum jelly and protection from the sun, you’ll see”.

I’ve questioned the claims of beauty products ever since. More so when I suffered adult acne myself. There were far fewer active skin products back then and you couldn’t get anything over the counter.

The options were limited to topical and systemic treatments such as Retin-A (tretinoin) or Accutane (isotretinoin). Being a sufferer gave me insight into the feelings of those of my clients who had the same condition. It meant I tested different treatments to rid myself of the inflammation and then the scarring.


After working in the beauty industry for a few years I was disillusioned and contemplating changing tack to become a physiotherapist. I then met the most wonderful facialist – Janet Filderman. Janet was known at that time as the doyenne of facials. Along with Eve Lom and Eileen Malone, these influential skincare specialists set everyone on the right track with the simple care of their skin. I was inspired by her to stay in the industry.


Working alongside Janet showed me that every client is special. Everyone should be treated with the same care, privacy and integrity, regardless of age, gender or position in the world – princesses and crown princes included. I didn’t always know who was going to ring the bell at Wyndham Place!

Laura Londt

Laura Londt



Through more than 30 years experience, I know that harsh treatments and complicated regimes are not necessary to achieve results.


My hands on deep cleansing and healing massage creates a luminous skin.

If you have any concerns or problems with your skin, I’ll listen and work with you to understand what you need, whether the issue is internal or something that needs topical treatment.


Each of my clients is special to me. Regardless of age, gender or skin type, I believe everyone can benefit from a simpler, kinder approach to skin care.

glowing skincare
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I’ve always aimed to offer restful, relaxing time-out treatments for my clients and provide an honest and non-biased approach to the care of the skin. Navigating the often complicated business of the skincare industry can be bewildering. I truly believe in the effectiveness of functional skin care products combined with hands-on treatment.


I’ve cultivated my simple work methods through years of research and working on hundreds of faces, spanning different generations and heritages. I’m now looking after the grown-up children and grandchildren of my original clients.


I look at my lovely clients as they turn birthday milestones and see how beautiful their skin is and I know my methods work. After nearly 30 years, I still believe in the power of touch.


I look forward to meeting you.




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